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Though most of my current work is digitally or web based, I still have a soft spot for print and "traditional" forms of art and design. Below are a few things from the archives accompanied by small descriptions. Enjoy.

FES Web Collateral

Collateral created for a food services company that specialized in large restaurant equipment. The logo, business card and brochure all tied into an e-commerce site where restaurants could order the machinery online. The cool thing about this brochure was it was printed with a silver ink on the cover and small areas on the inside.


FES Web Brochure - Detail

Interior of the FES Web brochure. Clean and to the point with a screen shot of the home page.


Aamazing Fantasy Comics Newsletter

I was a big comic collector back in the day, so much so, I had to find other sources of income to pay for my habit. Fortunately for me my comic shop's monthly newsletter was terrible and I was brash enough to tell them so and that I could make a better one for them. We agreed on a price per page, per month, and my wife didn't have to kill me every time I went to the comic book store.


Steele Skeleton Publishing Logo

Old school logo done in pen and ink and camera ready. Yes, I am that old.



This piece is pastel on matte board, measures 40"x60" that my sister now own es. When I was in art school, I shied away from pastels, literal colors, and large pieces. Luck would have it that one of my professors would have us do a final confronting all of our artistic fears all at once. The subject matter, the back of former body builder Shane DiMora, was one of those weird things that seemed to pop out of a fitness magazine that I was reading at the time of the assignment.


Sun & Moon, Father & Son

An illustration that is now tattooed on my sister. This is the culmination of the Sun that my father did in the early 70s, and the Moon that I did initially as a scrimshaw on a powder horn.