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I started teaching in 2005 and found that I thoroughly enjoy it. So much so that I ended up teaching at three schools at the same time, and working a full time job. I have scaled back a bit since then, but during that time, I taught as many classes that was able to (and that I was qualified for).

This is a list of the classes I have been fortunate enough to teach and the institutions that have been nice enough to allow me to teach for them.

Metropolitan State College of Denver - 2005 - 2013
Introduction to Technical Writing
Introduction to Technical Media
Intermediate Animation (Flash)
Basic DVD Authoring (DVD Pro)
Writing for Interactive Media
Game Design and Development


Westwood - 2006 - 2010
Introduction to Animation (Flash)
Cinematography (Adobe Premiere)
Digital Image Editing for Games (Photoshop)
Digital Illustration (Illustrator)
Web Page Design (Dreamweaver)
Sequential Art and Visual Narrative (Story Boarding)
Game Design Process
Color Theory (First digitally-based color theory at the
Denver South campus)
Advanced Digital Effects (After Effects)